BRF-5/6/7 Sandwich Panel Production Line
BRJ-1250 Coil Sheet Slitting System
BRD-688/940 Double-deck Roof Tile Roll Forming System
BRC-C300 C Purlin Roll Forming System
Steel Sheet Slitter
BRD Series Roof Tile Roll Forming System
BRL-1000/1200/1250 Step Tile Roll Forming System
960 Locking Cap Roll Forming System
BRD-940/970 Roof Tile Roll Forming System
BRD-760/800 Roll Forming System
430 Dust-proof Cover Roll Forming System
BRD-688/940 Steel Deck Roll Forming System
Profiles of Corrugated Roof Tiles and Steel Deck
Profiles of Sandwich Panels
Profiles for Step Tiles and Ridge Cover

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Fax: +86 21 5795 7975

Address: 2640 Tingfeng Highway Xinnong, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China        


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    Established in the early 1970s, Shanghai Baori Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located at 2640 Tingfeng Road(Xinnong Industrial Development Zone, Jinshan District, Shanghai) of National Highway 320, close to Xinnong Exit of Tongsan Expressway. It is 55 km from downtown Shanghai and about 20 km from Zhejiang Province. With a construction area of 20,000 square meters and a fixed asset of 20,000,000 RMB, the company has over 10 designing engineers, more than 30 installation and testing-run engineers and a strong team for after-sales. It has grown into one of the largest manufacturing base of light steel-structure forming machines, roof tile roll-forming machines, sandwich panel laminating machines, integrating designing, manufaucturing, installation, testing run and after-sales service.  

    The company has purchased advanced processing equipment, absorbed world-class technology and high-caliber talents from home and abroad. Over the years, it has achieved great success in providing customers all over the world with solid machines featuring high technical content, optimized structure and reliable performance and easy operation. Its BRF series of roof tile roll-forming systems, sandwich panel laminating systems has earned widespread recognition among customers throughout China, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Papua New Genea, etc.

    "Quality Frist & Integrity Uppermost" is the company's buiness philosophy. The company is committed to providing solid machines to all customers with dedicated after-sales service.

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